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So, here are finally some photos from my sons birthday party. I found about the One Room Challenge event in Thursday, so had to make the decision whether to participate or not right there and then. That´s why you get to see these photos today.

My son turned five and as I love card making, I wanted to make his card! He loves animals, so I that smiling whale suited to his card wonderfully. "Onnea" is a Finnish word meaning "Congratulations".

I also wanted to have something playful to decorate his gift with! Little balloons came to rescue :)

When thinking about my son`s birthday decor I found these lovely forest animal stickers from a Finnish online-store Pop up Kemut. I also ordered other things from there! Wonderful place!

 I wanted to have a theme as a guide. I don´t want to follow themes too closely. There is no need to follow a theme in everything. We had a forest animal theme, which was seen in the stickers on DIY cupcake decorations, in fox masks we gave to children and in our owl cake. It needed nothing more than that! Based on the colors on the stickers we selected a color theme of teal/turquoise, white, black and a little bit of orange and purple. Those colors were repeated in cupcake and cake decor, as well as in balloons,confetti, flowers etc. We even decorated my son`s room with balloons and with new painted stick art :)

The most liked thing among kids were balloons! We had little and big balloons for playing and some for decorating. We put those little balloons on the coffee table, so little toddlers could play with them. Balloons really helped them pass the time ;). Older ones played with the little balloons by rubbing them against their hair so that the balloons attached to the wall, to their body etc. It was so fun! Of course we gave the kids a big balloon as they headed home. We decided there was no need to buy helium for the balloons as they are more fun when you can really play with them ;) (and it saved some money, too).

For the flower arrangement in the kitchen table I bought a bunch of tulips (20), some carnations(10) and collected some blueberry twigs from the nearby forest. They look amazing as they have blooms now! Everything cost about 10 euros, about 13-14 dollars.

I loved the time spend with closest friends and family members. Birthday boy was also very satisfied! One single decor thing got many compliments: clear balloon with confetti inside! They were lovely and fun to play with :)

Glad you could join in! I hope to share some Easter photos with you soon!

See you again!

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  1. Thanks for the lovely party! The clear balloons with confetti where really nice. Although I found confetti everywhere after Max broke the balloon we took home for him :)


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