Our home

We are very lucky to be able to call this place our home! Before buying this house we had lived many years together in rental apartments and we were dreaming of our own house. After finding out I was pregnant, we really started searching for the perfect one! We didn´t have much money nor rich parents so it was quite difficult to get a loan. Fortunately my dad´s wife volunteered to back our loan! We are forever grateful to her.

We tried to find a detached house in our home town, but they were too pricey or in a very bad shape. So we had to look houses in different towns. And as I saw this loghouse and the pine tree in front of the house something just clicked. This felt right! Still it was a tough decision as we hoped to have a separate laundry room and nice yard. Not to mention that this house needed some major renovations. But luckily the bathroom was ok and the kitchen had just been renovated a year ago. It was very important to me to have a home with working kitchen and bathroom ready for the baby. I just couldn`t picture living in the middle of  a renovation with a newborn baby and back issues.
Even though we knew this house would need a lot of work we were able to picture this house renovated and ready for our family. We were also willing to let go the dream of a separate laundry room. as there were so many lovely things in this house, most important to me being the fireplace! 

So we moved here when I was a couple months pregnant. We had a tight budget and schedule. I`ve been begrudged for not taking any before photos to show you! Everything was made of pine, everything (walls, ceilings, doors, cabinets and wardrobes). It was so dark in here! I do like pine, but not everywhere! That aged yellowish tone had to go. We didn`t do any structural changes, but redid all the surfaces. We installed dark laminate flooring to go with the tiles in kitchen, painted the ceilings white, stained the walls whiter, installed new molding and so on... So a lot to do! We both worked days as teachers and spent evenings renovating. We bought this house in October and were about ready in December even though I had severe back pains from early November. The last months of pregnancy were really difficult so luckily our home was ready enough for the baby. Our son was born in March 19th. I´ve had back problems ever since which restricts my renovating ability, but I won´t let it take me down. I do my best to make this house our home!

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