One room Challenge - week 3

It´s been a week already since last update! This week we have been busy :). I know this is not a big renovation and there are others with much bigger challenges! For us this is big though. For those of you who are new to my blog, I want to tell a little bit about myself. I have had back issues a long time and gone through many surgeries. Pain is a part of my life and I must take breaks every now and then. So projects take a little longer to get ready. Our son also has some special needs so my time devoted to this project is limited. Well, I know we all have our lives happening behind the scenes ;).

Back to the project itself. In the first week I shared our plan to remodel our tiny powder room. Last week we were left with many decisions to make. After many hours of internet searching and thinking we actually had a plan which I shared you with. You must be eager to know what we have been up to this week and how things have gone!

The plan was to order and buy rest of the things we need. I visited Ikea last Friday planning to buy a mirror. I did like their round Skogsvåg- mirror, which I had in the inspiration picture also. I just wanted to look for another option with something "more". It´s hard to describe what I was after ;). After searching I found a lovely Nautica- mirror from Pentik. I have a similar, but smaller in our walk-in closet (see it here). I was little worried how it would look like with our lights though!

Nautica mirror

Speaking of lights, we decided to buy to of these lovely Sessak Lou- pendants. I love how they look in our powder room! They have concrete, which I love, but the glass shade brings some elegance and softer feeling to them as well. I could use them all around our house :).

Sessak Lou pendant

We need also some hooks for the towels. As I can´t run from shop to shop searching (would require a visit to Helsinki) I do a lot of internet shopping! There are many options, which I`m thinking would work, but I still have to make the final decision. Oh how I hate making these decisions - yet still Love it!

The best part perhaps in this week was taking the old sink, faucet and light out! Hurray! They are gone! It made the space look much bigger and minimalist ;) We had to live without light and running water in the powder room a few days as I painted them.. That really made to work harder ;)

This week we also planned to make our table top. I wanted a long live-edge wooden top. We even had a few very beautiful pieces in our garage waiting for the right project! My husband`s father has a small forest, where he had some trees cut and sawed a few years ago and my husband was helping there so he could pick some planks. The only problem was that they were not deep enough for the table top. Luckily we had two of them, so we were able to saw a extension piece for the other one and drilled it in place. There was a seam visible there and to prevent water getting there I used a wood filler to fill the gap. Now I need to sand it and then...well I`m still debating over whether to just use clear finish or stain it with the dark Mustamarja-stain I bought! I love the natural look in the birch and I´m afraid it might loos some of it´s "identity" if I stain it dark. I thought dark at the very beginning because we have dark wood else where in the house, so it would tie spaces together.

Painting was the most time consuming part. Luckily the paint dried fast. It only took 1-2 hours to cure and was ready for second coat. I painted the mirror wall with the Harmony H441 paint. I was a little worried it would be too light color, but decided to go with it and now I LOVE, really just love it! The other walls I painted with Tikkurila paint called Lumi. They both have an eggshell sheen, which I love! The durability is still great as it should be in a powder room. The main reason to choose a eggshell finish was that I wanted the paint to look a bit like a chalk paint. It also covers the imperfections well. Harmony paint is water based and breaths enough to be used on our log walls.

I had some small areas, where it was very difficult to paint, so next morning I really felt I had painted ;)I also painted the roof to match the white walls. We had to paint before installing the vanity of course, and as I had the painting done and our vanity with the sink and the faucet had arrived we were ready for the next step - installing! We put the vanity in place and had a plummer to do his job and we had a functioning sink and faucet! The new vanity really made the space look bigger and more modern, which I obviously love!

This new faucet is such a nice add to our powder room, something little different, fresh and modern.

Because we did not have the table top ready we used a small parts cut from the plank to get the height right. After sanding the table top, I wanted to see how it looked like in place, so we did a test run! At the same time we attached the support piece, on which the table top rests, to the back wall. I wanted even to accessories it a little bit to see if I like the table top in light color and can I bring in enough contrast with black accessories.

Looks good to me! I just made up my mind about the table top color! Do you guess, which one it´s going to be?

The only concern right now is the mirror! There is something off with it. Maybe it is that hanging rope with the light or maybe it is the scale of the mirror, but I have to search for other mirror options! I do love the mirror though and I am sure it finds a home in our house! In fact I already have a place in mind ;). I like the round shape, but it´s hard to find affordable round mirrors. I may have to visit Ikea once again. I had another mirror in mind for this space, so I have to think about that too. I´ll back to this mirror thing next week! Mean while you can always follow me on Instagram. You may found out, what I decide with the mirrors!

So next week I´m going to finish the table top and install it in place. We have to go and buy new trim for the space, paint and install them. I have also thought about adding a floating shelf above the toilet seat. So we will be working with it, if our brackets arrive in time.

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See you next week!


  1. I am so impressed by you! First, congratulations for being a great mom/champion to your son. I know that, well. I love the painted planks and the faucet looks great. Looks like you are almost done!

    1. Thank you Linda! I really appreciate your words! I love also those painted planked and log walls! I plan on painting some walls in other rooms in our home too. It may seem I´m almost done, but there is quite a lot to do, those little things sum up quickly ;)

  2. Oh. You are a magician! This looks amazing and knowing your time limitations you have really surprised me with the progress you've made.

    1. Thanks for your words! This week we really got to work and I must admit I´m surprised by the fact we got so many things done!

  3. That mirror looks great in there. And I'm looking at that same type of faucet. I think it's fun to find something with a little twist. You look like you're done pretty much... way ahead of me!

    1. Thanks Erin! I love the mirror, but it seems a little too small in person. I ordered a new mirror for the space. You can read more about it here: http://jadebyjenni.blogspot.fi/2015/04/one-room-challenge-week-4.html. I fell in love with the faucet, I love finding things with a twist, too!

  4. Anonymous4/23/2015

    What a nice blog. I have marked and will spend some time going through it. That is what I love about ORC the new finds :-) Anyway. There is this swedish blog that has a mirror that might be the thing for you: http://sofiasinredning.blogg.se/2015/march/new-in-2.html Anyway, looking forward to the final reveal!

    1. Hi! Nice to meet you here. Many thanks for your words. I'll be sure to check that blog post. However I have already bought a new one, you can read more on this weeks post!

  5. Your new mirror certainly looks imposing in all the right ways. I like how its shape give it a bit of centrality, and your eyes are quickly drawn into it. It certainly plays off well with the elements of the room. You've made a good purchase with this one. Cheers!

    Lynne Hollaran @ Suburban Glass


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