Story behind the name

Coming up a name to this blog was a daunting task. It took almost a year to find a name that feels right. First I tried to play with my initials J A, thought about Jenni Ahokas Desing and came up with JADE. Unfortunately there was already a blog called Jade and Shades of Jade and so on. You get the point! Then I tried my favourite colors turquoise, green, gray, linen. A friend of mine suggested Behind the Turquoise door. It felt right, but our door wasn´t painted turquoise! It was more of a Jade color. So Behind the Jade door was the "name" for a long time. It just didn´t feel right.

Then a midnight chat with my dear friend, we came up the name Jens Jade. Another friend liked that name but also suggested JADE by Jen. First it didn´t feel right, but after a goodnights sleep, it started to make sense. It started actually to sound very good :)

Jade in the name refers to Jenni Ahokas DEsign, to a bluegreen color and jade colored gem. This blog is kind of my gem, and of course my gem based on color would be Jade ;) So many meanings and a long journey resulted the name of this blog!

So what is this blog about? It`s about me, my life and my love for jade color and first of all it´s about the way I express myself - doing things with my own hands - crafting, organizing and decorating and so much more ;)

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