One Room Challenge - week two

Wow, a week goes by so fast! Easter really affected our schedule with this project. This week we have been planning and planning. I made a week by week schedule how to proceed and what to tackle next. I think it really helps to have a plan. This is such a short time that anything can go wrong!

Here is a rough sketch of our week to week schedule. Technically we have only five weeks to transform our spaces. Best is to think that we have six posts to transform our space. This plan is actually a post to post schedule!

Thursdays, April 2nd (week 1) - Introducing our space
  • Before next weeks post we have to make the final plans about paint colors, lighting and other things we need and buy/order them to have them ready. 

Thursday, April 9th (week 2) - Showing what we have accomplished.
  • I have to visit Ikea and other shops. The live edge planks should also be sanded down and be finished for the installation. We also have to make preparations for painting the walls and check everything we have ordered has arrived or is being delivered,

Thursday, April 16th (week 3) - Has there been any setbacks or happy accidents?
  • Painting can start! After I have finished painting the walls we can install the vanity and the table top, IF the vanity has been delivered! After painting the walls and the ceiling we need to have an electrician to come and do some wiring. Depending on the lights we choose he either installs them or we do it ourselves.

Thursday, April 23rd (week 4) - Is everything going as planned? What we need to finish as soon as possible?
  • Probably we haven´t finished some of the last weeks jobs ;). We have to finish those and make the final little jobs like adding trim work and adding shelves to the back wall Then I get to do the thing I like the most, styling/decorating! 

Thursday, April 30th (week 5) - Are we on time?
  • We have to clean up and make the finishing touches and finally have a photo shoot take the photos.

Thursday, May 7th (week 6) - The Finale 
  • Did we make it?

What do you think about the schedule? Too tight? I hope we get things we ordered as soon as possible so our works won´t get delayed because of that.
Well, back to this week. This week we had to make many decisions. It is sometimes hard to envision a space with new furniture and paint colors, so I searched help from- you guessed -Pinterest! Here are some inspiration photos I liked.






Wonderful, light filled and cozy spaces. None of which our powder room looks like now. As we don´t have a window in there we won´t be getting any sun light. That is why we need to make the space to look sunny. To do that we need some paint and lighting, both of which I´m having hard time choosing!

First of all, the paint! Is there anything harder than deciding the paint color? First we decided to use a chalk paint. I even found an online shop, which sold Annie Sloan chalk paints. We chose the best colors for us only to find out they were out of stock, two weeks before we could get them. So we had to change our plans. So we will use regular water based paint called Tikkurila Harmony.

As our powder room is so tiny, a light color is a must. Notice, that in all of the inspiration photos, the walls all white! For the mirror wall I wanted something different, even though I know I should paint the back wall not to make the room feel even narrower. But I hope as there are so many things covering the wall, it won´t be an issue. First I thought a soft grey, but after really thinking about the feelings I want to create and our overall color scheme I knew I needed some more color. After many samples I finally chose a very light green/blue hue number H441. For the rest of the walls I wanted a warm white called Lumi (snow)At the same time I bought a stain+sealer for the counter top called Mustamarja (black berry). More of that later! The colorful paint looks so light in the can, that I am afraid I have to go and buy the darker version of that blue/green paint, which is called Aalto (wave). I was going to add the paint sample photos here, but after trying it, they looked so off, that I thought you get the better idea from the real photos hopefully next week!

Then the lights, I don´t know why I find it so hard to decide which are the best! I love the look of these two first wall lights! The first one would give a nice retro barn fell, but it might be too massive to our needs! The second one is a more modern one and smaller one. These would work great with a round mirror like I envisioned! 



This third one is one of my favorites! We have a couple of swing arm wall lights in our home, and I LOVE them. I like that you can move and adjust it, but it seems like you can´t turn it to the side at all. Would work with a small or round mirror!


The rest of the lights are all ceiling lights/window lights. There is almost in all of my inspiration pictures a light like these, so I clearly like them. They are airy, produce a nice light and are easy to hang with a hook anywhere you want no matter where the ceiling plate is. The first one has a nice glass shade with a concrete bulb holder and black and white wire. This is actually the only light I have seen in person. The second one has also a concrete bulb holder and looks fantastic with a large bulb. The third one is similar to the second one, but is made of wood. There are a few wire color options for them. These would look good with a small as well as a large mirror, like in the last two inspiration pictures.




This is not anymore a question about the lights alone but mirrors too. I´m drawn to the idea of a bigger mirror, but round ones look so good! The bigger mirror would add an airy feel and reflect the light better. I could use two lights to add light even more. But, the question is would it look of with a small sink? There is going to be a table top on the other side though! 
This brings us to the table top issue! I really LOVE these two birch planks we have. They are long enough, but not deep enough. I envisioned that the plank would go between the sink and the vanity and from wall to wall. Sadly these planks are not deep enough for that! We could add a table top from the vanity to the wall though! And make even a shelf little lower as we have two planks! I have to watch and see if it`s going to work like that! At the same time I try to convince my husband to work with me and try to attach a piece from the other plank to the other, so we would get a deep enough plank! ;)

So here you have it! Though decisions are to be made, and I hope we have a lot to show you next week! See you then!
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  1. Anonymous4/10/2015

    Love the inspiration photos you put up! Can't wait to see how it turns out :)

  2. I'm doing a Powder Room as well, also with NO natural light. Love your inspiration pictures. They are gorgeous!

  3. This is going to be just gorgeous! I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

  4. Wow. That live edge countertop is amazing! We need to re-do a tiny bathroom and I totally love this idea for that space. Looking forward to seeing more!


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