Finishing touches

Hi you all! It`s been way too long since I last posted. I had everything ready to show you the finishing touches I made to our walk-in closet, but my son`s birthday planning took all my time! After the party I got a spring flu with fever so I have been forced to stay in bed. Now I´m feeling better and decided it`s time to show you the after photos from our closet. I have to warn you about the photos though! It is almost impossible to get good photos from that tiny walk-in closet.

I had there an old cork board, which I gave a mini makeover! I had a lovely ombre cotton fabric and fabric starch in hands so after some work I had a free new necklace organizer! I think it is a lovely backdrop for my self made necklaces ;). The board has a wooden frame and to separate that and to get a more finished look I used some black washi tape! Really made a difference! Easy and inexpensive - just what I like :)

In the mood board I had these versatile Kasset boxes from IKEA. They are just the perfect size for my shoes! I can write, which shoes I have where for easy access. We had that Bestå unit in our son`s room before, but it had to go when we made some changes there. And here is just a perfect little spot for it. I attached small casters and - I had a rolling shoe storage unit! The best part is that there was a empty space with no real meaning and I was able to transform it into a functional space. No I can even reach them, before they were in the upper shelf! Not an ideal solution for a short person like me ;)

On the other wall we have two deep shelves and a rack for hanging clothes. I used two white Ikea Knarra baskets. I managed to store all our bed linens and extra curtains there as well.  My son has his own linens in his closet.

I really love Elfa storage system. I love those wall mounted standards and brackets we have. Ikea`s Nordli dresser have functioned well and we both love how much space it offers! One single thing that made a huge different is having only one kind of hangers. Ikea comes to rescue, again ;). We have had these wooden white hangers a long time and they work well for us!

In the drawers we have black Skubb deviders from Ikea to organize our underwear, socks, my husbands ties etc. I also have a wooden box on the dresser where I have my belts and some bracelets. It fits perfectly to our color scheme and brings some extra storage and eye candy ;)

About a year ago we took the door off and put there curtains. We have been more than happy with that decision. So here were the last photos from our walk-in closet. Next I hope to post some pictures from my son`s birthday parties and Easter is almost here too...See you soon!

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