Organized walk-in closet

I`m so exited that I finally have something to show you. I have finished organizing our walk-in closet - at least for now ;). Closets need constant purging to keep them neat and organized. We change, our tastes change and clothes sometimes wear out. I try to shop only when I need something and you go far by having just a small, but cohesive clothing, which you can mix and match.

When I started this makeover I was in need for more drawer space and streamlined look. Organizing this little space of ours, meant I needed to do something for a fem other places, too. More of them later, they are waiting for me ;).

Here is a picture to remind what I had in mind for this space:

Last time you saw the space, I had already assembled the Nordli dresser and it looked like this:

Now it looks like this :)

I kept all the Elfa-system parts we had there before, because they really function well. Now we have enough space for hanger clothes and enough drawer space as well as enough shelves for boxes and outdoor textiles. I´ve been so pleased with that dresser! It´s just a perfect fit for our space and offers so much drawer space!

I love to organize, but that isn´t enough, It´s just the first part of the process. The other part is making it all beautiful! Adding a mirror I love and some shelves for small items and my necklace organizer really made this space look pretty! The round mirror was bought from a Finnish store called Finnmari and those shelves are made using old wood planks and Ikea picture ledge. The wood planks I cut to size with our table saw. The lower one sits on an old radiator (which we don´t use) and is 110 cm long. The upper one is only 50cm long and is attached to a picture ledge to form a narrow shelf. I turned the ledge upside down and placed it on the plank and screwed them together. This way you can hide the screws. Then I just turned the whole thing over and screwed it to the wall.  So, in fact I used the picture ledges upside down ;). Because we live in a log house, it´s easy to attach things to the walls, but if you remove something, it´s no way you can hide it without paint.

I love the rustic feel those shelves add to the space! I also had to bring in some greenery :). Spring is definitely on it´s way! On the lower shelf you can see my necklace organizer ;) and next time I´m going to tell you more about it and reveal how I´ve organized our drawers and where I keep all our extra shoes! 

So. what do you think so far? Is there something you are eager to find out? Please leave a comment, I appreciate every comment, no matter how short or long it is.

See you soon, again!

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  1. You are so talented and I love your color scheme (my fave too) it's so cool how you fit everything in that small space.


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