Tuesday to remember

I just had to share how I feel right now! It`s already over midnight here in Finland, so I can say: "This Tuesday is going to be a day I remember a long time!". If you red my last post, you know that this week a photographer is coming over to take pictures of our home and our family. The story and pictures are going to be published in a Finnish magazine in late November. And there is a twist - our home is decorated for Christmas!

You probably guessed that THE day is TODAY!

I`so exited and ..well..proud! I feel happy in our home and it`s an overwhelming feeling that someone wants to share our story.

But that`s not all! Yes, there is more :). I have mentioned School of Decorating many times. It`s founded by Jackie Hernandez, who also writes an amazing blog Teal and Lime. Right now SoD is open for new members to join in. As a part of showing people what SoD really is she asked if anyone of us members would like to share their own decor stories.I volunteered and now Jackie shares the decor story of our home and how SoD has helped me to find my own style and to make this house a home we love.  Jackie picked me and my story! Total surprise!

The best part - she wrote a blog post which she is going to publish, yes you guessed, TODAY!

So if you want to read that story just visit her blog later today/tomorrow depending where you live. There are photos of our powder room renovation (my blog posts about it can be found here), our recent smaller project and you can even get a glimpse of our Christmas decorations ;).

I have been a member of School of Decorating for over a year now and it has really made a difference on how I decorate and what I really want our home to reflect. If you are ready to learn how to decorate your own home I highly recommend joining SoD. That community is the best support group I know! I have made some very good friends after joining and I`m so happy I decided to invest little money. What I have payed for the membership, I have saved on home decor! Now I know what I need to buy and what I love enough to buy!

Anyway - this day brings a lot of new things in my life and I`m going to learn from them! I hope I have enough time later this week to share more about the shoot and what kind of a experience it was!

See you then,



  1. I visited Jackies blog too. Good story. And can't wait for the magazine, you need to tell us when it comes out 😊

    1. Nice to know you enjoyed the post. Yes, I will definitely tell you in which magazine and when the story comes out as soon as I know it accurately myself :)

  2. You have a beautiful home!!! I LOVE your decorating style :-).


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