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First I must apologize for not posting in such a long time! I just had to evaluate what is most important in my life at the moment, and I had to give attention to other things in my life. There are just times, when you are so busy with everything else that you have to let somethings go for a short time!

But, now I`m back!

my son`s "treehouse"

treehouse and "the secret escape door"
We finally finished our outdoor projects. Well, there is still a little bit of painting to be done in the spring. During winter I have enough time to sew curtains and other textiles to my sons "tree house". He even wants blackout curtains :D. He has really showed his skills as a "designer"! He really has a mind of his own, and there are times we don`t seem to think alike ;).

We also bought some new furniture to my son`s room. He needed more storage for his toys, especially for Legos! We ended up buying him a small Kallax unit from Ikea and another Alex drawer for his Legos. The drawer has been a life saver! It`s so easy to organize all those little parts in the right drawer! All the smallest parts we organized by color and then we have a car drawer and drawer for basic parts as well as one for building houses. He invented the "categories" himself, so maybe it`s easier for him to put all those part on their own drawers ;). Well, at least we parents can dream ;). I`m going to post about the changes we made to his room later this month and at the same time you get to see how we reorganized his clothes!

Fall has arrived here too. I love this time of the year! Fresh air, wind, colorful leaves, darker nights and sitting in front of a fireplace relaxing while candles are burning. I have made some fall decorations here and in fact some Christmas decorations can be spotted around the house! We even have our Christmas tree up :).

But wait, it`s October - there is two more months till Christmas. What I`m thinking? Well, I do love Christmas, but not quite that much ;). I do have a good reason for this all though!

Last year we had to start Christmas decorations in early November, because I had a surgery three weeks before Christmas and I wasn`t allowed to do practically anything! This year I don`t have to go through yet another surgery, so why I have unpacked our Christmas boxes?

Well, next week a photographer and a journalist are going to come here in our home to make a story of our home and how decorating is like a therapy for me! Can you believe it, I still can`t ;). So that is what has taken all my time recently! Getting ready for Christmas isn`t that easy in the early October, I have to use last year`s decorations mostly, but I do have some new ones too. I`ve been also trying to finish many to-do projects around the house like, refinishing our fireplace, painting some walls, taking off some cabinets and getting some new furniture. And everything with a very limited budget. So stay tuned what I have for you as we are getting closer and closer to Christmas :)

Thanks for patiently waiting for a post! These past months have been the busiest ones for as long as I can remember! Now on I should have more time to write down, share and reflect those things I do to achieve a home that is me!

See you next time!


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