Shady front porch

Hi again! So sorry it´s been so long since last post, but we finally got to enjoy warm summer days for a few weeks! Now it´s raining again. Partly, I´m happy for these rainy days, because now we can catch up on house chores, blog and other projects! No need to rush to make a "playhouse" to our son, or building the firewood storage shed. And finally I have time to write this post..;)

In last post I showed you our back porch and promised to show photos of our front porch! But before I show you the photos, one more picture of the back deck. If you didn´t catch last post and want to see more of our back deck just click here! I finally hung the mirror and decided to add a little art, too. I just want to bring my style from indoors to outdoors! Just adding a few pieces makes this space feel like a living room!

Ok, finally the photos I promised! I wanted to keep the greens simple here too, as in our back deck, so I planted only a small tree and hostas. What comes to flowers, I love hydrangeas! I´m not a rose or a lily person ;) Luckily it´s shady in our front porch, so I was able to buy hydrangeas there!

The photo below is taken quite early in the summer, just after I had bought all the flowers and hung the curtains. I just love those hydrangeas! I had them last year, too and they bloomed all summer :)

I bought a rug for our entry, but it was too thick. We should have shortened one door to get it fit, so I decided to place it on the porch. I´m so glad it didn´t fit inside - happy accidents! But i´m still looking for a perfect rug for the entry ;)

We got that iron bench as a gift about three years ago, but it´s just not my style. I hope to replace it with this IKEA`s new Nipprig sofa. I love the natural material and the look of it! We have in our living room a Byholma chair, which has almost the same design.  What´s great about the sofa is that it can easily seat two people, as we, me and my son, sit there often listening our water feature.
Here you can see more of our porch. The floor tiles and the concrete steps really need a makeover. I have to put that my next year´s to do -list ;). Last year our house was painted and at the same time we made a makeover to our door! We painted it jade green, changed the hardware and replaced an old yellow glass with a clear one. It made such a difference that people thought it was a new door! 

Right in front of our porch there grows a pine. I just love that tree! Look at those hostas! Can you believe they are the same I planted? Now they hardly fit! 

I think that wall where the lamp is needs something more! I`ve thought of a mirror or a wooden sign. What would you place there?

Here´s the porch from another side. You can see our garage back there and our latest addition, a new water feature at the front, We made it using a pump, a large bucket and a outdoor flowerpot, which had a hole in the bottom.

Here is a close up, which you may have seen in Instagram, if you follow me there! The sound as the water flows over the container to the bucket under the stones, is so relaxing and soothing! And how easy this water feature was to make :). When we moved here, soon to be six years ago, this whole front yard was only covered with poorly maintained grass! Our yard is about 1000 m2, so we have slowly made changes one part at a time! 

What do you think? Would you like to sit in our porch and sip coffee? By the way, is porch even the right word for a space like this, as it´s not enclosed? I just didn´t come up with a better word ;).

I ´m so glad you popped in once again! I hope you come back on Tuesday, as Petra visits us and shares her bedroom makeover! She was here earlier to share how she build a headboard to their master bedroom with her husband and son. Now it´s time for the whole bedroom makeover reveal!

So see you here on Tuesday :)


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