Guest post: Petra`s bedroom REVEAL

I´m so glad to have Petra here again! You may remember her last post where she described how she build a headboard with her husband and son. Now she is here to show all the changes she made to their bedroom! I just love what she has done :) And what is best, you don`t have to spend an awful lot of money, to make a space feel more you, a place you love!

Here she is now:
Thank you all for reading about our headboard construction in my last post. It really was such a fun project and we were proud of what we accomplished! 

Here it is in the room. What do you think? We LOVE it!

Probably some of you know that I am a huge Ikea fan and from the very beginning of the headboard design, I wanted to incorporate their Ranarp clamp lamp. I really love the styling of this lamp and also the touch of brass-like finish. I hoped that introducing a few brass décor touches would help incorporate the mirrored closet door trim. My décor mentor, Jackie Hernandez, of Teal and Lime & School of Decorating says that introducing a particular color or finish three times in the room will help it feel intentional and not accidental. Between the Ranarp lamps and the starburst on the side table, the brass finish now works!

A word about color… One thing I have learned about my style is that I love color and contrast. In our living room we have a red, teal, and lime as our accent colors making a complimentary palette. Complimentary palettes give a lot of energy and fun to a space! My love of contrast and complimentary palettes is one reason why our old bedding just never felt right for us. It was an analogous palette with green, teal, and navy – a beautiful combination but just not our style. Analogous pallets are peaceful and relaxing. Not surprisingly, most bedding sets are made with an analogous color pallet. 

For the new bedding, I wanted a fairly neutral base with a few pops of color. Limiting the amount of pattern is key for me especially with those mirrored doors multiplying everything in the space. I decided on the Ikea Ofelia Vass set combined with their Nyponros set. I really love the texture of the Ofelia Vass – once washed it has a sear sucker finish that fits the modern cottage feeling of our Honest Charm style. I picked up a new sheet set at Target and also added and Ikea Sanela cushion with a hand tufted homemade pom-pom.

I knew teal would be a major color in this room. It is the one color that shows up in every room of our house and is a thread connecting all of the spaces. So for a complimentary color palette containing teal but not the same as our living room palette of teal, red, lime… why not red-orange? It is directly across from teal on the color wheel and would give me that pop of contrasting color that I really love.

When I went fabric shopping, I was absolutely blown away by this red-orange fabric from Joann fabrics! It is called “Retro Morocco Spider Floral” and has touches of aqua and navy. It almost has a Scandinavian folk art feel or perhaps a 50s style. I just love this fabric!!! {Yes 3 exclamation points!!!} I made these removable covers following Jackie’s simple envelope pillow tutorial for these inserts.

All the hard work and planning was certainly worth it! We are so happy with how this project turned out. For quite a bit of effort but very little money, we gave our master bedroom a complete update to something that feels very fresh and very us! There are still a few finishing touches to be done around the room especially with our dresser so stay tuned for the final installment.
It makes me so happy to have a bedroom that is so us! It was so worth the $125 to build the headboard and the extra $225 for lamps, bedding and a few little décor items.
How about you? Do you have a bedroom that you love?

I´m so glad Petra and her husband now have a bedroom they love! When you have those little things right it makes such a big difference! I´m so glad I joined Jackie Hernandez School of Decorating, as there I met Petra and other very talented ladies! If you want to learn more about SoD or even become a member just click here!

I´ll see you here again! 

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