Concrete and leather

Glad to see you here! It´s unbelievable how fast time flies! It feels like I just yesterday wrote my last post, but it´s actually been a week already. Last week I mentioned that I´m looking for a solution how to hang the towels in our powder room. If you are new here, you may wonder why it´s a problem, hanging towels?. We have lovely concrete wall hooks and they are big, so the only way we could hang a towel was just placing it on the hook. However that way those lovely hooks were hidden under the towels. Not an ideal solution! I wanted something else and it made me thinking...

Here is what I came up with!

Just some leather strips and curtain hooks with clips (like these from Ikea) and we can see those gorgeous concrete hooks again :)

These are so easy to make but I made a simple instruction anyway. Basically all you need is leather strips, curtain hooks with clips, scissors, a small punch (I looked this word from dictionary, so I hope it´s a correct word ;) )

First you have to decide the length of the strip and cut it to size. Next using the punch make holes on both ends for the curtain hook to go through. If you wish you can use pliers to bend the hook "closed" after that. And that´s it! Super easy, right? And what a difference it makes! I like the look of  the rough concrete and smooth leather together. Black on that wall balances the space nicely and ties everything together.

I love these kinds of fixes: easy, affordable and quick! This could be used in many hooks for easy hanging! 

Next time I´m going to show you what I have in mind for our outdoor spaces, so stay tuned! See you here, again!


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