Concrete hooks and mirrors

I can´t believe it´s almost three weeks since my last post. There were many times I was on a mission to write, but then life happened! I believe in honesty and truth and I want to give you as proper picture of my life as I can. I battle with severe back pains and depression, which is under control. My husband has his share of difficulties, too, but he prefers I don´t talk about them here. You can probably understand why! Then there is our lovely son who suffers from selective mutism. I mention this only to raise the awareness of this form of anxiety, started in early childhood! So life doesn´t always be as positive and happy even though we try our best to enjoy all those little things! It certainly helps to stay positive and to enjoy every day, when our home reflects and feels us.

Speaking of decorating, you may remember that three weeks ago, we were left with our new refreshed powder room! But something was still missing, the hooks! I ordered them from an Etsy shop called Frauklarer and due to many customers had to wait a little longer than usually.They arrived a week and a half ago nicely wrapped and when I opened the package I was pleasantly surprised! It+s always hard to imagine how something looks in real and even though you are given measurements, it´s not the same as actually holding or touching the item. These were a little bigger than I thought, but I like how they stand out against that white wall.

I love the texture and roughness they add and how they compliment the modern feel of the space. There is something special in natural elements, like wood, sand, fire and water. Concrete is also quite natural mix, so it fits right in. 

I decided on three hooks, even though we usually have only one or two towels in use, because they are art works all on their own. I actually love them more without the towels. The only way to hang the towels is to just place them on the hooks, but I have a quick fix in mind, which hopefully gives us a way to hang the towels without covering those beautiful hooks ;) Hopefully it works!

You may also remember that I bought not one, not two but three different mirrors for the space! I loved them all, and knew I could use them elsewhere too! I only buy decor that I know I love and can use in many spaces in our home. In fact it´s been hard deciding where to put those two extra mirrors that left behind from the powder room! After going through many possible places the Ikea Skogsvåg mirror, painted black, ended over our shoe cabinet near our entry. I first kept it on the cabinet for a week and after being sure this is where I want it, I hang it in place. I like how it brings more light in this spot between entry and fireplace room, as far from the front door as the back door.

My goal was to bring more life and more green in this spot and I`m pleased how it turned out! I love this spot over the shoe cabinet as it´s a perfect space to add new things and to bring in seasonal items. Now I wanted to have a light and fresh summery feel! It really brings joy as we do see it many times a day :)

I love the mirror so much that I´d like to buy a couple more! It would fit in our bathroom, bedroom, living room and even in our office/craft room! These kinds of purchases are the best. The ones you are really in love and can use all over your house! This is just the thing Jackie Hernandez from Teal and Lime  emphasizes in her first book called Free decorating. That is a decor book worth reading! Many of her principles I have used before, but after reading the book, my eyes opened even more to what comes to my spending habits and settling on things I don´t really love. If I don´t find the right piece right away, I should wait, not rush to by something that I just appreciate, not love. Because, those things you don´t love, you end up getting rid off. They don´t have a real staying power and at the same time you loose money, which you could have used wisely!  I could write a whole post about the book and how it affected my values and made me really reflect things!

But back to our mirror ;). How do you like it here? On these light walls it really stands out and is a great contrast. I love monochromatic and analogous color schemes with a contrasting black and white.

These fresh colors are from my whole house color scheme. I like to stick with neutrals in big surfaces like furniture, but add some interest with light turquoise, aqua, jade green, basically analogical colors from blue to green.

The other mirror from Pentik, with a hanging rope is still waiting for it´s spot! It may end up in our living room, where I hung it to test how I like it there. It´s a little lonely there, so I may use it in our office/craft room, but I´m also very tempted to take it outside to our front porch or to our backyard deck. I´ll fill you with the details once I decide ;) 

Do you have pieces you love and have trouble finding a place, because they would look so good in many spaces? 

See you here again!



  1. Jenni - Those concrete hooks are really fabulous in your space! When you said you ordered concrete hooks, I really could not image them in my mind. But these seem made just for you! What is the Etsy shop? I did not see a link in the article...

  2. Thanks Petra! I really love them too! Many thanks for pointing out the missing shop name and link! It has now been added to the text.


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