Organized chaos

After visiting Ikea last weekend, I have been trying to organize our walk-in closet. It´s in our bedroom and even though it´s quite small it houses all our clothes, despite some seasonal outwear.

This is how our closet used to look like. Not that pretty, right!

We had there an Elfa system with wall mounted standards and brackets. We bought melamine board and cut the shelves ourselves We didn´t want to use the Elfa shelves, because, then we would have been limited by the width they should have been installed. We wanted those shelves to fill all the space available. The shelves on the long side of the room are only 35 cm deep, so there would be enough space to move around.On the other wall we have deeper shelves, space for dresses and an Ikea drawer system, Unfortunately I wasn´t very pleased with the drawer system. It did function well, but I just didn´t like how it looked like The fact that I always had to search my items in the lowest drawers didn´t help either ;).

This time I wanted to invest more time and money for the project. I love the Ikea´s Pax wardrobe system, but those would have cost too much and they wouldn´t have fitted that small space. I started thinking what I liked about the wardrobes - The drawers for example with their white front panels and dividers. Then browsing Pinterest I found a nice idea to use dresser in walk-in closet! So I started searching for a nice max. 45cm deep dresser. The new Nordli line was the answer.

Here is a inspiration board I came up with. I´m hoping to add a small shelf and a mirror there, too. I just have to try how I can fit them there ;). Those DVD-storage boxes from Ikea I have used to store my shoes in the upper shelf, but this time I hope to have a place for them little lower So this -not-so tall girl can reach them without a stool! In our trip to Ikea I also bought a few of those drawer dividers. I plan on using them for accessories and such.

I used to store my necklaces this way, and I hope to find a place for this in the new plan. Those lovely colorful long wooden pearls I got from my son <3. He loves to make them as gifts!

I have few in progress pictures for you! I can´t promise you when I get all done because I´m going to a back surgery. After surgery it´s going to be hard not to rush into organizing. At the same time I am going to organize our foyer wardrobe, our closet in office/craft room and a tiny nook we have in our small entry. All that only because if I remove something from our closet, I need to find a place for it somewhere else! Our home is sure going to look like a mess for a couple of days, but after the whole thing is over and done with, I hope to have a logical and practical place for everything!  

Here is the new dresser in it´s place and yes, we are going to add the rest of  the drawers, too ;) This dresser is in fact assembled of five different parts. There is a package which contains the bottom and the top. The rest is built of two drawer units. We bought two smaller units (for my stuff) and two wider units, in totally eight drawers. You can basically arrange them any way you want after deciding the width of the entire dresser. At least here in Europe there are three different base and top widths, 80cm, 120 cm and 160cm. There is even some colorful units. The structure is also very balanced, there are small "legs" underneath which you can adjust. All in all I´m pleased with the quality and finishes of this dresser!

See, all drawers in place! It was quite a job to assemble, but luckily I had a little helper with me all the time finding the right pieces and learning to read the manuals!

This is all I have for you right now, but I promise to keep you updated!

See you later again!

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  1. Love your blog! Inspirational and informative! Love your color palette, so refreshing


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