Christmas Tour

So this is it! My first blog post in English! I´m really happy if my blog reaches you and you have time to stop by another again later! I´m Jenni Ahokas from Finland, a mother and wife who loves to do crafts and decorate, organize, basically do things in our home! I welcome you to follow my projects and life in Finland.

What a better way to start a blog than a tour in our home! And because the last photos I took were before Christmas, it just happens to be a Christmas tour - maybe you get some ideas for next year ;)
I´m not sure you want to see any other Christmas tour, but I will take the risk ;)

To me the lights are very important for creating the best Christmas mood! Lights are the first thing I take out of the Christmas box. These dark, long winter evenings are perfect for lights and candles :). Today sun was up only 6 hours, so we do need those lights!

This photo is taken during daytime from our living room, looking toward our fireplace room, where our fireplace is. It was very common in 1975, when our home was built, that there was built a separate room for fireplace near the bathroom and sauna.

Here the sun is setting and lights are creating a cozy mood in the darkening living room.

This photo is taken from our kitchens dining space. Hanging in the windows you can see wreaths I made for this Christmas. And there is our cat, Nöpö ;) too!

I also made a lamp for our living room. It´s made of black plastic straws with traditional Finnish Himmeli-instructions. I will do my best to make another one to show you how to do one! 

We had a great Christmas with family. My mother and dad with his wife and my husband`s parents were all here to celebrate the Christmas eve! We ate a wonderful dinner together and enjoyed each other`s company until Santa Claus (joulupukki) came to visit bringing gifts! 

I enjoy setting the table and this Christmas we had a forest-rustic theme. I used pinecones, jute placemats and linen napkins. In the center is a pine swag I made.

And here is our bedroom. I brought those branches from the forest near my sister´s cottage. And I love the copper plate and  vase I spray painted. Then that faux fur..I can´t wait to get to bed!

In the Christmas mood! I love these new white duvet covers! And the fact that we have our own duvets, which is a tradition here in Finland (and probably all over Scandinavia). You may notice those bedside tables I made using crates! They are perfect for this room!

This room is our office and craft room. This used to be our bedroom, but we needed more craft space and as the previous room had a small walk-in closet we thought it would make more sense to move our bedroom there. We haven´t regretted that decision to change rooms! This craft room has a lot of storage as one wall is full of closets. And our cloths fit real well to the walk-in closet in the smaller room.

Now you wonder, where is our son`s room! He does have a room, but we don´t have a Christmas photo, so I attach here some older ones for you.

He loves legos! He has quite a collection now, even though he is only four,almost five years old. He loves to put them together alone following the instructions! Those big lego-boxes are for storing those legos. We have organized them in certain way and all those "ready" pieces we store in that self above the desk.

 This last photo shows my love for flowers and arranging them. If lights are the first things of Christmas decoration, flowers are the last and final touch

So, there it is, the first tour of our home! Did you enjoy it? Is there anything you´d like to know more about? Just let me know in the comments, and I will try to answer! 

Thanks and see you soon!


  1. Jenni,

    Congratulations on your first English blog post. What a wonderful tour our your Christmas decor. I love the calm and peaceful feeling of your home and look forward to many more posts in the future! Love and hugs from California!


    1. Thanks Petra! It means so much for me that you have helped me with this blog! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

  2. Jenni, I love that you started with a photo your of your gorgeous home. It was fascinating to learn about the separate fireplace room. And I love that you downsized your bedroom for a bigger craft space. I cannot wait to see more and learn Himmeli :)

    1. Thank you Jackie for dropping by! I cannot wait to teach you some Himmeli basics!

  3. Congratulations. I love your home and the peoples who lives there - of course <3

  4. You did a fabulous job throughout your entire home. Thank you for sharing the photos. I, too, joined The School of Decorating. Sadly, I haven't completed any of the lessons. You are an inspiration. Thank you!

  5. Hi Jenni,

    Great explanation on your blog. Of course very nice pictures too. You have a beautiful home. I can see you really put in much effort to every single detail. You should be proud of the outcome.



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